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Langer Printing offers a wide variety of additional services to support client needs.


A process that can be utilized to print a wide variety of flat surfaces and materials, including wood and fabric.

Heat Transfer

This process includes digital print heat transfers, primarily onto fabrics.

Vinyl Cutouts

Digitally die-cut vinyl that can be applied on inside and outside doors, windows and walls.


Need us to complete your project by gift wrapping, boxing, packaging, or shipping? We can start the process and finish the project—whatever you need.

Large Format Printing

From billboards to wallpapers, we can print any size you need.


Not sure what, or how something can be done? We can work with you to research and test materials, substrates, and processes to find a method that works for you.


Need one of something? We have no minimums, so we have the ability to provide you with a printed item, even if it's just one.

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